[urgent] How to undelete a file

dave L dglnz at yahoo.com
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try ummm,

Getdataback or get a trail version of undelete (google data recovery tools).

some are dual (NTFS & FAT32/FAT) others are dedecated.
Getdataback *will/should* get the file back plus some info on previous partition wipes so look carefully.

undelete or uneraser are similar tools to the M$DOS toolset they will find deleted files as long as you haven't written anything to the partition as the 1st character of the filename is changed to a $ (i think) eg filedele.dok -> $iledele.dok (meaning file deleted ok) use the unerase / undelete program and you select the file, program asks for the 1st char bingo (with luck) file *is* recovered.

hope this helps.


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· Ouattara Oumar Aziz <wattazoum at gmail.com>:

> hi,
> I have just delete a video I was reading with totem. Totem still 
> continues to read it So I think it's reading it from bytes on the disk . 
> So I should be able to recover it .

Not really. The kernel still knows which inodes are used, but as 
soon as Totem closes the file, this information is lost.

> Do you know how?

It's close to impossible. Simply forge

> I googled it and   
> find a lot of windows tools doing that, so I suppose it's possible on 
> linux.


> My partition is a fat32. 

Ah! That's an important information. With fat32, you actually might
have good luck. But I don't know a tool.

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