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David Armour d.f.armour at
Tue Jan 2 06:59:23 UTC 2007

Freddie Ruddick <frederific <at>> writes: 
> On 01/01/07, David Armour <d.f.armour <at>> wrote:
> > Peter Garrett <peter.garrett <at>> writes:
> >Is there something comparably useful I can do with all the buttons along the
> >*top* of the keyboard? It's a MS Natural Keyboard Pro USB...
> First thing to try is to go into the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, and try
> them, with many keyboards they just work straight away.

Thank you very much for your reply. Following your idea, I discovered that the
volume/mute control ones do in fact work, and 'Search' pops up a dialog screen.
Since I've already followed advice to restore the backspace key to backup a
window, I don't really need the back/forward buttons at the moment. The listings
for Keyboard shortcuts don't seem to have any entries I could see for 'Back',
'Forward', on the left or 'My Computer', 'Calculator', & 'Sleep' on the right.
The help file suggests the listings may apply only to the 'default' keyboard.

> If they don't, have a look at
> <>. It's written for
> Gentoo, not ubuntu, but much of it still applies.

Thanks for the link. I'll be checking it out in the next couple of days.

> An easier way, which I personally have had some success with, is
> Keytouch <>, but the don't seem to
> have much support for USB.

The USB ports on the keyboard appear to work; I've got a Plantronics dongle
flashing as we speak/type. [That's *all* it's doing! I haven't figured out how
to get my headset configured, but the dongle's flashing...]

> I can't quite work out your email; are you saying that you selected
> your keyboard model in System>Preferences>Keyboard>Layout>Keyboard
> model, and the buttons didn't work immediately; or are you saying that
> you set your keyboard model, then tried System>Preferences>Keyboard
> Shortcuts and they didn't show up in there?

Sorry I wasn't more clear. I was on my way to System>Preferences>Keyboard
Shortcuts ... when I noticed System>Preferences>Keyboard and detoured to
investigate. In there, I noticed the option to select my actual keyboard, which
I'd swapped with an older keyboard several months after my initial set-up.
(Everything still worked, so I didn't bother tinkering until the thread piqued
my interest.) So, yes, I set my keyboard model, but no, I didn't think to
re-visit the System>Preferences>Keyboard Shortcuts until you mentioned it.

Once again, thanks for your response.

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