How can one say Linux is $-free . . . ?

Dave M DaveM at Mich.Com
Tue Jan 2 02:51:29 UTC 2007

At 11:24 PM 12/20/2006 , "YAGNESH N DESAI" wrote:
>This is reply to a old topic which I raised when I just started using LINUX.
>This is to put to the record that I am still using Linux (feels good to 
>have survived)
>I have learnt a lot which I can use for rest of my life unlike what has 
>happened to
>my learnings in M$ most of my applications on DOS 6.2 are not at all 
>running well
>on XP and on Vista I will have to organize the funeral for those. Also I 
>have to
>redo the coding of those in VB. (If Vb is not supported in 2009 then 
>something new)

I am a bit behind in reading the list, so sorry for the delay in 
responding. But I am reasonably sure that DOS will run quite nicely in a 
virtual machine under Linux. I have used VMware to run WinME and Win2K and 
it is amazing how well it works at keeping legacy applications alive.

Dave M
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Inter-networked computers give you freedom.
The "Trusted Computing Platform" could take that freedom away.

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