Off Topic: anti spam software??

Steve Lamb grey at
Sun Feb 25 14:50:48 UTC 2007

David B Teague wrote:
> But that doesn't work well when the spam is in an image with innocuous 
> text in addition to the image. The innocuous text confuses the Baysean 
> data base, making the tool ineffective.

    Hardly ineffective.  Maybe not as effective as you like but that doesn't
mean it is ineffective.  I have TBird's Bayesian filter turned on and it
catches stuff that passes through Spamassassin's filters.  I have SA tuned

> I really want something that will challenge everyone not on the whitelist.

    Er, no, very rude idea.  The short form is simple, you're foisting the
work of filtering your mail off on hundreds if not thousands of other people.
 Furthermore, having seen the mail queues that C/R generates, it is hell on
mail severs.  Imagine several dozen thousand challenges and bounces to spam
sitting, undeliverable, in a queue.  *shudder*

    But for a longer version here is an excellent page describing the many
problems with C/R:

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