LTSP with Edubuntu 6.10 sound problem

Damien Hull dhull at
Wed Feb 14 03:27:45 UTC 2007

I installed Edubuntu 6.10.

   1. Booted the thin client
         1. I can log in
         2. I here sound on login
         3. I plugged an IPod in and got an icon on the desktop

Here's my problem

   1. Played an mp3 with xmms and got no sound
   2. Found the sound playing on the server
   3. Tried to run xmms with "essddsp xmms" with no luck

I then tried PulseAudio with out any luck. The thin client doesn't like 
"/opt/ltsp/i386/usr/sbin/ldm" settings. Here's the instructions I used.

I run across websites and email archives where people say "audio works". 
However, I am unable to get it working. If anyone can point me in the 
right direction this would be a big help.

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