Postfix, Mutt And No Root Mail?

Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Fri Aug 31 03:21:48 UTC 2007

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> Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> >>     As root (go through the sudo -i process)
> create
> >> a file called
> >> /root/.forward containing the address to which
> you
> >> want root's mail sent.
> >>
> > Ok, thanks for the reply but don't understand
> above.
> > I could do: sudo -i process(literal) and enter a
> name
> > "/root/.forward" and hit enter; is that right?
> Then
> > how do I enter the address to send root mail to?
> > username at what,where? Ubuntu is the machine name.
> Is
> > that what goes afer the "@"?  Sorry to be so dumb
> but
> > never used the process command before.
>     As root, do:  echo "myname at" >
> $HOME/.forward
This is different from the first command you suggested
and just as confusing to me.  I did look at sudo -h
and man sudo with no help and ran the first command
but found that "process" is not a command. I suspect
you mean, in terms I understand, "sudo nano
/root/.forward" to create the file and then add to the
file the address I want it forwarded to.  Am I right
or not?  I just want local root mail delivery and
don't want Postfix to route my web mail account.  So,
all I need for local routing of root mail using Muttt
is my username?  Am I right on this.  Sorry, I just
don't do geek speak well and have only used Ubuntu for
a few months. 
I understand "echo "*" > $HOME/.forward and myname but
don't understand "". I would normally
think of using "username at ubuntu", which shows on the
konsole prompt, for mail routing.  I would most
welcome clarification on all this if you please.

> >>     And/or...
> >>
> >>     Edit /etc/aliases to add:  root:  
> >> myname at
> >>

I have been lead to believe that all I need for local
delivery is "root:   username" in /etc/aliases.  Can
you clarify?

> > I have in /etc/aliases "root: <username>" but no
> email
> > address. I know myname is bound to be my username
> > because that's who root mail goes to.  What about
> > ""? Is that to be literal or just what?
>    Yep, it's a two-part thing, in /etc/aliases. The
> first part is the
> user to whom the mail is addressed,(with a colon)
> and the email address
> seperated by spaces/tabs/etc.
Like:  "username  username at". Is this
what you are saying for a regular email account.  But
what for local delivery of root mail only?

> > I did say I know very little about linux internal
> mail
> > protocol and have always just answered to
> "install" or
> > "-reconfigure" questions in the past and it just
> > worked for root mail.  The questions asked in
> Feisty
> > are somewhat different now? Some clarification is
> > welcomed.
>     Yeah this should do it. If not, I'm still here.
Thanks for any feedback on this.
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Leonard Chatagnier
lenc5570 at

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