DNS recursion on Dapper's BIND9

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Wed Aug 29 16:33:48 UTC 2007

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Rashkae wrote:

>>     Guys- check your DNS.  "nslookup" to your Dapper BIND servers, ask
>> them to resolve "www.google.com" and see what you get, if anything.  I'm
>> betting your workstations are set to use the local DNS, and then the
>> ISPs. If this is a bug, I'd like to ask around before reporting it.
> Such a 'bug' could not possibly, in any way, go undetected for over 2 
> years.  As such, my first suspect would be that there is something wrong 
> with your system.

    Precisely. I've used this many times before; I've set up BIND dozens
of times for small business.  And I always have DHCP pass a single
address as the nameserver-line for the clients.  But with over 24H of
hacking around on it, it's still not working.

    Documentation isn't a problem; there are lots of it out there.
People willing to talk about it are another story...it's something you
need to set up a few times to 'get your head around it', and when you
do, you set it up and forget all about it.

    I'm hoping to find someone else with master zones (other than for
localhost) and compare notes before I take this further...

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