DNS recursion on Dapper's BIND9

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Wed Aug 29 16:22:26 UTC 2007

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
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>     I was stunned to learn my ISP was bought...though they deserve it,
> letting someone more competent take the reigns is probably a good idea.
> Still, when all the workstations shut down for the transition I was
> quite unaware until DNS started failing.
>     One of the problems I uncovered was, upon pointing the forwarders to
> the new place, my main DNS machine is quite unable to stand on it's
> own...and I had to fake the recursion I need to resolve "google.com".
> The local zones resolve in both directions, quick as lightning.
>     I spent about 20-30 hours on it; the local zones are *perfect*, the
> various combinations of "recursion on" and "allow-recursion" as
> permissive as I could possibly make them did nothing to solve the problem.
>     Guys- check your DNS.  "nslookup" to your Dapper BIND servers, ask
> them to resolve "www.google.com" and see what you get, if anything.  I'm
> betting your workstations are set to use the local DNS, and then the
> ISPs. If this is a bug, I'd like to ask around before reporting it.

Such a 'bug' could not possibly, in any way, go undetected for over 2 
years.  As such, my first suspect would be that there is something wrong 
with your system.

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