Oo Writer Bug

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 29 15:17:59 UTC 2007

On 08/29/2007 03:46 AM, jack wrote:
> All~
> I have a need to use mail merge in Oo (class project - go figure)...
> Open a doc in Writer, select Mail Merge Wizard -- *bork* goes Oo...
> ( I also noted that there isn't any way of selecting data sources
> either, but that's another story for another beer).
> I looked on Launchpad, and found the bug as logged.  One person reported
> this on a pre-release of Feisty, and that a complete re-install worked.
> However, a half dozen others have reported the same error with a stable
> 7.04 and that the re-install didn't help.
> Has anyone heard about a work-around for this?  Possibly
> dropping .openoffice and letting the app rebuild it?  I'm not sure,
> but I've been screaming at my school about how stable the platform is,
> and I don't want to be left hanging for a bug in an app that isn't
> really Ubuntu's domain.
> Any input would be appreciated...
> Jack

Many of the wizards are broken in UOOo (document converter is a prime
example), but I did manage to get Mail Merge to work on a newly
installed 7.04.

Here the fix that I use on all but my test systems - just install the
official OOo. Instructions are here:
[Ubuntu] Installing OOo on Debian and Co.

Once done, you can also install the new OOo beta 2.3 to see the added
features that will be in the next release

Note: You will lose some funtionality provided with the Ubuntu'ized
version - samples: music in slides will no longer work (can be fixed by
installing Java Media Framework), you won't be able to open MS Works
word processor documents, etc. But you will then be running the standard
OOo, so you can file any bug reports directly with OOo.

Suggestion: given that you are a student, I'd recommend that if you want
to keep your Ubuntu'ized OOo version, install Sun's StarOffice. OOo is
nothing more than the free version of StarOffice, and students can
download & install SO for free. SO also includes added templates, file
formats, added macro migration from MS Office etc.

How to Get StarOffice 8 - Individuals

If you are a student, researcher, staff, or faculty member you can
download StarOffice 8 for free from Sun's Software Download Center.
Login into the Sun Software Download Center by using your user name and
password. If you do not have a user name or password for the Sun
Software Download Center please register.

You can run them both side-by-side without any problems.

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