Fwd: hp dv9540 laptop second harddrive not detected

Niels Larsen bqz69 at telia.com
Wed Aug 29 14:44:42 UTC 2007

> But isn't this a 2nd hdd, i.e. sdb1? sda1 would be the 1st partion on your
> 1st drive as I understand it correctly.
Yes, sdb1 is the second harddisk, and the one with the problems
> > Just now I tried to start vista which I have problems with, and after
> > that the /dev/sdb1 was there again.
> > ***
> Did windows per chance crash on an earlier boot? I've found ubuntu wont
> mount the drive if windows crashes and isn't rebooted 1st to fix the log
> entries. Meaning you need to reboot windows successfully and then reboot
> ubuntu for the drive/partion to show up in ubuntu.
Vista will not boot, and I have contacted HP, and is waiting for an answer.

> Your fstab would seem to suggest the drive/partion is being detected and
> set as mountable. However u seem to have sumerized the fstab lines rather
> than give the actual ones? And tell me about vist probs. Dual booting vist
/dev/sdb1		/media/sdb1	ext3		defaults	0	2

> and ubuntu on the other laptop
I installed Vista from new, and made a system recovery cd.
Then I resized the Vista partition from 60 to 30 gb, and Vista takes some 21 
gb of space on sda1, but since that Vista will not boot, not even in safe 
Then I installed debian and later ubuntu.

> The fact that sdb1 shows sometimes and not at others reminds me of a post I
> saw when searching a lil while ago. That one ended up being a bios setting
> fro the drive. Might I suggest looking at the available options for it in
> thrhe bios? Maybe the clue is there
I have looked in bios severalt times, but see no options abot settings for the 
> James
> > > sudo mount /dev/sdb1
> > >
> > > ?
> > >
> > > Trying to remember the cat command that tells us which drives are
> > > recognised. Maybe someone else can help there?
> > >
> > > Another quick thought. If repeating the instructions gets the drive
> > > recognized again, try right clicking on the icon for the drive and
> > > getting the details from its properties. Can't hurt.
> > >
> > > am trying to google for your your prob as well, i.g. search something
> > > like "ubuntu feisty cant mount sata drive" assuming u'r using feisty.
> > > Try an number of variations on the theme of course.
> > >
> > > I'll try and look further, but I suspect it's a variation on the prob I
> > > had. Would definately suggest to check your bios settings as well. What
> > > options r available for the drive in Q?
> > >
> > > James

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