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Tue Aug 28 16:49:37 UTC 2007

On 28/08/07, Tipton, Timothy <Timothy.Tipton at> wrote:
> >Create a new partition for your Ogg data which you want to keep. Move
> your
> >files into it. You can then mess about with your installation without
> >coming anywhere near your Ogg files.
> Ok, this definitely makes sense - now comes the "howto" question > can
> you recommend software in which to do this? (As stated, I am a novice, I
> am sure I can figure out/read the manual on how to do it, but what
> application would be the best fit for the job?)

You need software which can perform non-destructive repartitioning (as in
Partition Magic for Windows - this costs however, but is exceptionally
good). It would appear that QParted ( can
perform the same kind of thing.

It should allow you to look at your disk and say "I want a 250 meg partition
but don't bugger anything else on the disk up" and once you hit "GO" it does
exactly that.

I completely agree - I have all of this music either in CD or MP3
> format, backed up - After switching to Linux I did R&D on lossless
> formats and whatnot, and ripped all of them into Ogg Vorbis - the
> problem is more so the time spent doing it, rather than the actual
> files. My problem is that I have a 500Gig HDD, with only the standard
> partitioning (I know, stupid, but I didn't know better or the most
> effective way at the time - not that I do now either, but at least I
> know I need another one)

I feel your pain on that one. The upside is that you can slice your disk up
as you see fit now, hopefully without zapping anything already on there.

Just be careful with it!

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