Reverting to Regular Ubuntu

Tipton, Timothy Timothy.Tipton at
Tue Aug 28 15:59:39 UTC 2007

>Create a new partition for your Ogg data which you want to keep. Move
>files into it. You can then mess about with your installation without 
>coming anywhere near your Ogg files. 

Ok, this definitely makes sense - now comes the "howto" question > can
you recommend software in which to do this? (As stated, I am a novice, I
am sure I can figure out/read the manual on how to do it, but what
application would be the best fit for the job?)

>To be honest, if your music is that important to you, it should either
>backed up or on a separate partition at the very least.

I completely agree - I have all of this music either in CD or MP3
format, backed up - After switching to Linux I did R&D on lossless
formats and whatnot, and ripped all of them into Ogg Vorbis - the
problem is more so the time spent doing it, rather than the actual
files. My problem is that I have a 500Gig HDD, with only the standard
partitioning (I know, stupid, but I didn't know better or the most
effective way at the time - not that I do now either, but at least I
know I need another one)

Thanks for your help Steve,

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