How to avoid the Apple tax?

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Aug 26 18:20:12 UTC 2007

Matthew Polashek wrote:

> I've meddled in both OSX and Linux for some time now.  The OSX
> command line level stuff is a little behind where a pure Linux or BSD
> distro might be.  Many of the executable commands you might be used
> to in Linux of BSD will either not be present of be older versions in
> OSX.
> An argument could be made that OSX is more evil than Window$ because
> it isn't designed to run on non-apple hardware.

Hardly.  Apple sells hardware.  Since the hardware requires some kind of
software to run it, they provide software.  You can use that software or
not - just as every peripheral we buy provides Windows drivers, which we
may or may not use.

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