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Paul Tansom wrote:
> I'll see what I can do. I've not got my head around the way the Ubuntu
> sites work yet. Took me ages to work out how to set up an account on
> Launchpad. It's probably blindingly easy, but I often find if things are
> made too easy they baffle me :o

    I know; I've noticed a couple of those in Ubuntu, already.  Imagine
my happy surprise when I wanted to color the taskbar and went hunting to
the gconf stuff, to learn that a simple drag-n-drop of a tile onto it
would change it.  I was stunned.  And, continually happy.  Sure, it's
probably the Gnome guys that did that, but they make up a good sized
part of the "great guys" that do the heavy lifting here; I'm humbled and
honored to be able to use this stuff each day.

    As I recall, it's a matter of making two identical-sized partitions
on two separate disks, making them type "RAID", then declaring to the
installer that you want those two, to make up /dev/MD0.  But that's just
from memory.

> I remember being on a navigation course once where they were trying to
> describe working out course made good with wind, tide, etc. and getting
> very confused. As soon as I decided to ignore the lecturer and go back
> to my original thinking and deal in mathematical vectors everything was
> fine! (Of course that anecdote will only really make sense to anyone
> into sailing, but never mind!).

    No, the point's not lost on me...through a quirk of bureaucracy I
managed to "major" in Aeronautics, and minor in high school.
If you think basic navigation (bearing/heading, the triangles, etc) are
tough, try remembering the radials of a beacon, both to and from, as
well as the frequencies in use.  That part, for whatever reason, would
just NOT stick inside my head.  It's ok, though, I could never afford to
fly, even personally, so it wasn't a huge loss.  :/

    Give that a shot; I think you'll be happy with the results.

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