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Tue Aug 21 22:12:30 UTC 2007

** Brian Fahrlander <brian at> [2007-08-20 17:57]:
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> Paul Tansom wrote:
> > ** Brian Fahrlander <brian at> [2007-08-17 19:41]:
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> >>     In a perfect world, I'd stick the root and /home onto two huge
> >> whopping RAID drives, but the inability to do it at install time has
> >> always held me back...but surely it won't be long- our developers are
> >> fabulous!
> > ** end quote [Brian Fahrlander]
> > 
> > It is already there if you use the alternate CD. I've installed Ubuntu
> > 6.06 LTS straight onto a RAID mirror using the 64 bit server CD. You do
> > have to do the partitioning manually, as in creating the identical set
> > of partitions on each drive and then pairing them up and setting the
> > mount points, but it is straigh forward to do. I was doing the same with
> > Debian from 3.1 onwards iirc, and the alternate CD pretty much uses the
> > Debian installer I believe (OK, ready for somebody to shoot me down in
> > flames on that one!).
> > 
> > ** Below is from memory, so use with caution and have a boot CD handy **
>    Fabulous!  Won'tcha put it into the Wiki?  Right now I'm covered up
> with life-issues right now, so I'm short on time.  But if you'll start
> it, making sure everyone knows it's under construction, I'll help you
> walk through it on a fresh install as soon as I'm able...mail me when
> it's there, aye?
>    I'm a big fan of the software RAID. Again, not an option for say,
> or Google, but for 'plain folks' it does a fabulous job!
** end quote [Brian Fahrlander]

I'll see what I can do. I've not got my head around the way the Ubuntu
sites work yet. Took me ages to work out how to set up an account on
Launchpad. It's probably blindingly easy, but I often find if things are
made too easy they baffle me :o

I remember being on a navigation course once where they were trying to
describe working out course made good with wind, tide, etc. and getting
very confused. As soon as I decided to ignore the lecturer and go back
to my original thinking and deal in mathematical vectors everything was
fine! (Of course that anecdote will only really make sense to anyone
into sailing, but never mind!).

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