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Paul Tansom wrote:
> ** Brian Fahrlander <brian at> [2007-08-17 19:41]:
> <<snip>>
>>     In a perfect world, I'd stick the root and /home onto two huge
>> whopping RAID drives, but the inability to do it at install time has
>> always held me back...but surely it won't be long- our developers are
>> fabulous!
> ** end quote [Brian Fahrlander]
> It is already there if you use the alternate CD. I've installed Ubuntu
> 6.06 LTS straight onto a RAID mirror using the 64 bit server CD. You do
> have to do the partitioning manually, as in creating the identical set
> of partitions on each drive and then pairing them up and setting the
> mount points, but it is straigh forward to do. I was doing the same with
> Debian from 3.1 onwards iirc, and the alternate CD pretty much uses the
> Debian installer I believe (OK, ready for somebody to shoot me down in
> flames on that one!).
> ** Below is from memory, so use with caution and have a boot CD handy **

   Fabulous!  Won'tcha put it into the Wiki?  Right now I'm covered up
with life-issues right now, so I'm short on time.  But if you'll start
it, making sure everyone knows it's under construction, I'll help you
walk through it on a fresh install as soon as I'm able...mail me when
it's there, aye?

   I'm a big fan of the software RAID. Again, not an option for say, or Google, but for 'plain folks' it does a fabulous job!


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