security updates for releasename-updates repository?

Georg Sauthoff g_sauthoff at
Mon Aug 20 09:48:35 UTC 2007

On 2007-08-20, Tim Frost <timfrost at> wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-08-19 at 17:03 +0000, Georg Sauthoff wrote:
>> what is the policy of the ${releasename}-updates package repositories
>> regarding security updates? Do these repositories get security fixes
>> with the same priority like the ${releasename} repositories?

> This is the purpose of the -security repository:
> * security updates will be released in ${releasename}-security
> repository
> * updates that are not security-related will appear in
> ${releasename}-updates

well, that is clear. I know that security-fixes are only released into
the ${releasename}-security repository. But my question was, if a
package from the ${releasename}-update repository gets security-fixes
(which are released into the ${releasename}-security repository) with
the same priority like packages from the $releasename repository.

Regarding the universe/multiverse/backports repositories this questions
is answered in the ubuntu-wiki and the ubuntu homepage.

To make an example: Imagine python 2.5.1 (from feisty-updates) has some
realistic security problem and python 2.5.0rcFOO from feisty has not.
Works the ubuntu team as hard releasing a security-update into
feisty-security in this case as if the python 2.50rcFOO package from the
$releasename repository has a realistic security problem.

Best regards
Georg Sauthoff

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