Check out this email....[Fwd: The next big thing for websites]

musicman datakid at
Sun Aug 19 22:50:45 UTC 2007

Yeah, I got the same result


What is it doing?


On 8/19/07, Wade Smart <wade at> wrote:
> 08192007 0725 GMT-6 DST
> I need a little help here. I received this email which I have attached
> talking about a virtual spokesperson. I have been looking at this type
> of tech for several clients recently. When I clicked on the link it
> opened MY localhost connection. What I mean is, when I clicked the link
> and the web page loaded what I saw were my development on my computer.
> Kinda freaked me out. So I dumped the cache on my browser and typed the
> url in directly. And again I see my own computer files.
> Would someone click on the link in the email and see what happens for
> them? Someone who uses apache on their system could click on this and
> see if it does the same thing, and then report back what you see.
> If this is able to do that, this is a MAJOR security problem.
> wade
> Hi,
> We have created a customized virtual spokesperson that can be added to your website with no
> additional coding. It's an online tour guide that will instantly increase profits for your site.
> Prospects will leave your site within 3-5 seconds unless they are intrigued. We have developed
> the perfect solution to this problem. We created a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE for visitors that keeps
> them on your site and makes them TAKE ACTION! See it here:
> Looking forward to your success,
> Bill Span
> 10114 NE 62nd Street
> Kirkland, WA 98055
> biztube at
> 1-800-630-7271
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I quite like The Strokes as a comedy group and I very much like the
Strokes when their music is mixed up in the bootleg sense with the
music of pole dancing pop fiasco Christine Aguilera - A Stroke of
Genius. A blasting together of one Strokes lick - Hard To Explain -
and one Aguilera song Genie in a Bottle, conjures up the reality
bending shock of the new that The Strokes lack - the stupid sublime
stitching together of heated machine pop dripping with money and
reheated New York punk scratched out of the fake history books,
creates a ravishing blur of signals, signatures, speeds and gaps in
time that please me in places I like to be pleased. A Stroke of Genius
sounds like new sound, and at the end of the 20th century and the
begining of the 21st century it was commercial pop that was sounding
more exciting than commercial rock. Paul Morley, Words and Music

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