How to configure a default soundcard

Charles philip Chan cpchan at
Fri Aug 17 22:02:04 UTC 2007

kpfuser <kpfuser at> writes:

> Could you be kind enough to let me know the meaning of each line of
> text entered into /etc/asound.conf?


> pcm.!default

You are setting up a default ALSA device. You can define as many devices
as you like for different cards (if you have more than one) and for
different purposed. Howver, there can only be one default device.

> type hw

You are telling ALSA to output directly to hardware. Instead of going
through an ALSA plugin for extra processing such as changing sample
rate (rate), software mixing (dmix), etc:

> card 1

You are telling ALSA your default soundcard is card number 2 (0 is the
first card).
> ctl.!default {
>        type hw
>        card 1
> }  

You are telling ALSA that the default controls are for card number 2.


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