RealPlayer on Ubuntu 7.04

Jonathan Kaye jdkaye10 at
Fri Aug 17 17:34:07 UTC 2007

K Theodor wrote:

> -
> I'd like to install RealPlayer on Ubuntu 7.04. Does any one know the
> correct commands to execute the RealPlayer installation script on the
> Terminal window?
> I am a complete novice to Linux/Ubuntu and I imagine the way you go about
> it is:
> 1. You download RealPlayer on the desktop
> 2. Click Clean Up and then close the window
> 3. Then, you go to Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal
> It's here I get stuck, what are the commands?
> By the by, I've been given from a source some commands which go:
> chmod +x RealPlayer*bin
> I then pressed enter.
> Then I typed:
> sudo RealPlayer*bin
> Unfortunately, I couldn't go any further for the response I got was a
> disappointing
> "No such file or directory exists"
> Cheers
> Theo
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Hi Theo,
The problem is your command sudo RealPlayer.bin (I assume you didn't mean
Unlike another OS which I won't mention, Linux systems don't have your
current directory in the path. You have to tell the system (or bash in this
case) to look for your executable in the current directory. "./" is how you
do this. Your command should look like this:
sudo ./RealPlayer.bin
On another point, I tend to download stuff to the /tmp folder rather than
~/Desktop for 2 reasons:
1. I don't like to clutter up my desktop with extraneous stuff and
2. in /tmp this stuff is removed when I reboot.
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