RealPlayer on Ubuntu 7.04

K Theodor four27bc at
Fri Aug 17 10:47:06 UTC 2007

I'd like to install RealPlayer on Ubuntu 7.04. Does any one know the correct 
commands to execute the RealPlayer installation script on the Terminal 

I am a complete novice to Linux/Ubuntu and I imagine the way you go about it 

1. You download RealPlayer on the desktop

2. Click Clean Up and then close the window

3. Then, you go to Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal

It's here I get stuck, what are the commands?

By the by, I've been given from a source some commands which go:

chmod +x RealPlayer*bin

I then pressed enter.

Then I typed:

sudo RealPlayer*bin

Unfortunately, I couldn't go any further for the response I got was a 

"No such file or directory exists"



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