Help in desktop shortcut + root access

Ramprasad ramprasad_b at
Fri Aug 17 09:50:42 UTC 2007

> The application should be installed SUID root. Then it can be run by
> user. However, that has to be supported by the application IIRC. And
> have to trust all users on the machine because it might be a big
> hole. To make a file suid root you could use these commands:

> sudo chown root:root filename
> sudo chmod 4777 filename

> Then create a desktop shortcut for the user and try if it works.

> If the application doesn't support SUID, you would need a program that

> supports SUID and then starts the needed application. I don't know if 
> there is something like this available. I have written a program for
> purpose several years ago for someone else. If you can't find a better

> solution, I could try to get the source code (if it still exists) from

> that person.

I wanted something like, if Ubuntu provides a different helper script
that i can use to spawn the application placed on desktop as shortcut;
This helper script will prompt for credentials and use sudo to assume an
execuid of 0.

> Just out of curiosity: Why does the application need root privilege? I

> think it is a very bad design if there is no special reason to do it
> way.

The application is an administration tasks related. Hence, needs
superuser privilege.


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