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Allan Valeriano allvaleriano at
Thu Aug 16 19:24:11 UTC 2007

On 8/16/07, Jimmy Wu <jimmywu013 at> wrote:
> Every once in a while (like about 1random thread in every 40 or so mails),
> a message sent to the ubuntu users list gets put in my spam box.  I use
> gmail, and I am not aware of how its specific spam filters work.  What I do
> have is a filter set up that moves all messages from this list out of the
> inbox and into a label "ubuntu".  What's interesting is that the filter
> works even on the messages marked as spam - the label "ubuntu" gets applied,
> but the email is in the spam box.  This has happened many times already, and
> hitting the Not Spam button  doesn't seem to have made gmail any smarter.

This is not happening *only* with ubuntu list. I was having the same issue
with almost all the yahoo lists I'm in.
I guess the only thing we can do is write GMail an email complaining about
this. With yahoo it was happening very frequently, but now I guess it's
fixed (at least I haven't seen any email there for a while).

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