Small ubuntu?

Bill Marcum marcumbill at
Thu Aug 16 07:05:29 UTC 2007

On Mon, 13 Aug 2007 21:26:27 +0200, Björn Lundin 
  <b.f.lundin at> wrote:
><quote syntaptic>
> ubuntu-mythtv-frontend:
> Metapackage to setup and configure a "Frontend" profile of MythTV.
> ...
> ...
> A machine already configured as a desktop should install mythtv-frontend 
> instead. 
></quote syntaptic>
> What does this mean? If I installed a desktop, use another package.
> In what cases do I use this package?
A metapackage contains only dependencies that cause other packages to be 
You use this package if you do a custom installation that doesn't 
include ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop.

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