Linux-friendly UPS

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu Aug 16 00:52:32 UTC 2007

> Well, the Enermax website says:-
> "Any UPS has 2 common types of AC output waveform in battery mode: Sine
> Wave type, and simulated Sine Wave type.
> If your power supply has Active PFC function, you must purchase Sine
> Wave type UPS. On the other hand, if your power supply is without
> Active PFC function, you can use either Sine Wave type or Simulated
> Sine Wave type UPS."
> My understanding is that the EU requires PSUs to have Active PFC, but
> presumably a PSU that has Active PFC anywhere else also requires pure
> sine wave. That's why I suggested he should check.
> - Richard

Thank you Richard.  It seems as though my comments were made in ignorance.

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