Linux-friendly UPS

Brian Astill bastill at
Thu Aug 16 00:04:19 UTC 2007

On Thu, 16 Aug 2007 01:01:01 am Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 August 2007, Brian Astill wrote:
> > Ditto.  APC seem to be the best for Linux boxes.  I reckon
> > UPS's are like insurance.  Good to know you have it even if
> > you don't need it yet.
> But check for compatibility first....    Some APC's are fully
> supported because they have the firmware to provide information
> to apcupsd and others don't.
> <snip>
>   It's about 8 years old so by now maybe all of
> their units do support the proper format.

No they aren't, and your warning is valid.  SFAICT, if the version 
of Parachute supplied with an APC UPS  is Linux-compatible, then 
apcupsd will work.  The cheaper versions can be M$ only.

Don't think the sine wave thingo applies outside continental 
Europe - but don't quote me !


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