Feisty: "The following disc types are supported:<null>" RESOLVED

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Wed Aug 15 22:01:43 UTC 2007

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>      For some reason, my ability to burn CDROMs and DVDs has vanished. I 
> select an ISO in Nautilus, right-click to select "burn CD", and in that 
> application, it seems to have completely forgotten my media types.
>      Until recently I could burn 6-8 different kinds on the same burner. 
> It used to tell me all the various kinds the burner told it, it could 
> do.  But now, the list is empty and I'm outta luck.
>      The hardware knows...the "Hardware Information" application under 
> System->Preferences sees the device, and under the "Advanced" tab gives 
> me all sorts of booleans like "storage.cdrom.cdplusr" and 
> "storage.cdrom.dvd" as "true".
>      So where's the confusion?

    Replying to myself is bad form, but bah!  I found the answer; some 
Googler might need to know.

    This was kinda weird; I'm very anal about my hardware and knowing 
which IDE device goes where.  But somehow I managed to let my drives get 
screwed up:

       Master: Main DVD drive (writer)
       Slave : Secondary DVD (reader)

       Master: Main Linux partition
       Slave : Backup drive

     And the ultra-DMA100 drives were turned off. (A quirk of this Mobo)

     So I've turned on the ultra-DMA interface (mostly to clear up the 
confusion and put the backup on a seperate bus) and it looks like this:

       Master: Main Linux disk
       Slave :

       Master: Main DVD (writer)
       Slave : Secondary DVD (reader)

     /dev/hdf: /backup

     It appears that when your drives are in flaky situations, the 
software isn't always so perfect at getting them right...but who could 
blame them?

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