ubuntu/kubuntu is sloooooooow!

Chris racerx at makeworld.com
Tue Aug 14 23:31:19 UTC 2007

On Wed, 15 Aug 2007 08:02:17 +1000
James Gray <james.gray at dot.com.au> wrote:

> metin wrote:
> > Have you ever used archlinux or pardus? They are real fast! (faster
> > than ubuntu/kubuntu on low spec machines).
> Ah-ha.  Your original you made the wide generalisation that (K)Ubuntu
> is slow.  Now you qualify your statement with "on low spec
> machines".  No surprises there.  Ubuntu, as others have pointed out,
> is Linux with not just the kitchen sink, but the entire kitchen,
> dining room, lounge and garage thrown in!  If you want to run Ubuntu
> on low-spec hardware (define low spec BTW), then don't run
> KDE/Gnome...they are well known memory and CPU hogs (especially KDE).
> > What I want to know is the reason why it is not as fast as others.
> > This is not to blame ubuntu people. I believe they are doing a
> > great job! I appreciate their efforts. But I'd like ubuntu at least
> > as fast as other fast distros. Right?
> See above.  Personally, my work station in the office running Kubuntu
> is as fast as the guy next to me who runs Gentoo with Xfce.  Both
> machines are the same spec: 3.0GHz P4-D with 2GB RAM and Ati X600
> video driving two 19" panels.
> The P100, with 256MB RAM we installed Ubuntu on for a laugh[1] ran a
> bit slower, but with a bit of tweaking, and running Xfce, we actually
> got it usable for basic web/e-mail duties.
> Still, for all the eye-candy and functionality provided
> out-of-the-box with Ubuntu, it is still Debian at its core, and as
> such can be customised up the whazoo.  Maybe the problem isn't Ubuntu?
> HTH,

James - 

	You pretty much said what I did (maybe a bit better too). In
the end, I feel the Op just won't play by the rules. 

	In the end, the Op will still insist one way or the other
mainly (as I see it) to push an agenda. 

	What is that agenda? Hard to say but in my mind (my own
observation of course) is that the Op is pushing those 2 distros he

	They may be obscure (as I feel they are) and this may be his
way of swaying users away from Ubu.

	Just my .67 worth.

Best regards,
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