Recover deleted files from ext3

David Vincent dvincent at
Tue Aug 14 03:58:06 UTC 2007

Andrew Zajac wrote:
> On 8/13/07, David Vincent <dvincent at> wrote:
>> Ouch.  Recovery on ext3 is difficult because the data is wiped when it
>> is deleted.
>> I've not found a tool yet which can recover ext3 files.
> The metadata is wiped, not the data itself.  Data carving works
> perfectly fine.  Anyway, these files are not deleted, the drive is
> just faulty.  If he can get a good read, the filesystem may still be
> intact.

He said he did a move operation which implies a copy and delete.  I'll 
check out data carving - thanks for the tip.

> Lets just hope the drive has not lost any/much of the actual data, in
> which case the filesystem that it was on is irrelevant.  The
> presence/absence of metadata means nothing if the actual data ain't
> available.
> (just keeping your hopes up, Vince!)

(...crosses his fingers for Vince too...)


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