Recover deleted files from ext3

Andrew Zajac arzajac at
Mon Aug 13 22:53:19 UTC 2007

On 8/13/07, David Vincent <dvincent at> wrote:

> Ouch.  Recovery on ext3 is difficult because the data is wiped when it
> is deleted.
> I've not found a tool yet which can recover ext3 files.

The metadata is wiped, not the data itself.  Data carving works
perfectly fine.  Anyway, these files are not deleted, the drive is
just faulty.  If he can get a good read, the filesystem may still be

Lets just hope the drive has not lost any/much of the actual data, in
which case the filesystem that it was on is irrelevant.  The
presence/absence of metadata means nothing if the actual data ain't

(just keeping your hopes up, Vince!)


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