setting up beryl

Mario Vukelic mario.vukelic at
Mon Aug 13 21:52:47 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 10:40 -0700, David Vincent wrote:
> That said, I switched to the Radeon drivers on ATI, used 
> AIGLX and everything works fine. 

This is only an options if the radeon driver supports your card, which
it frequently doesn't if it's newer. For example, the Radeon X1xxx
series (I forgot the name of the actual chipset) is only supported by 
fglrx, and it sucks.

>  XGL is easier but sloooow

It shouldn't. I ran it on a Mobility X1300 with fglrx and Xgl and it was
very very fast.

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