setting up beryl

David Vincent dvincent at
Mon Aug 13 17:40:03 UTC 2007

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-08-13 at 07:51 -0700, David Vincent wrote:
>> That said the composite error you see can usually be solved by adding:
>> Section "Extensions"
>>      Option         "Composite" "Enable"
>> EndSection
> Nope, the fglrx drivers do NOT support Composite. As Rutger pointed out,
> ATi users who need fglrx for 3D support NEED to use Xgl, not AIGLX. The
> third link I gave explained this anyway. 
> Note to OP: I have run this setup on a Mobility Radeon X1300 and it
> works and is stable.

Ah yes, quite right.  I'm mixing up my Nvidia laptop and my ATI desktop 
again.  :)  That said, I switched to the Radeon drivers on ATI, used 
AIGLX and everything works fine.  XGL is easier but sloooow.

That said, Google Earth will not work with my setup.  :)  Not a biggie 
as it does work on my Nvidia laptop.  Something else to note CJ.  Anyone 
have hints on how to get that working?


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