Linux Vs Windows in security

Chris racerx at
Mon Aug 13 21:16:10 UTC 2007

On Mon, 13 Aug 2007 23:08:21 +0200
Nils Kassube <kassube at> wrote:

> Chris wrote:
> > case in point - many Windows users fail to set the admin password.
> > From XP Pro to even Home edition.
> Unfortunately It doesn't really help to set an admin password. I have
> done that on my Windows XP Pro installation and I have a separate
> account without admin privilege. But several programs I need only
> work WITH admin privilege. And those are just user applications
> without a real need for admin privilege. Of course it is a design
> fault of those programs, but it is probably inherited from older
> Windows versions where there was no privilege separation.

Agreed - apps that are written to be installed AS admin are not as bad
as those apps that NEED to be ran with admin privs. 

In either case,  that's just horrid code writing (for what ever reason).

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