can't reach internet

Mirco Bertossi miberto at
Mon Aug 13 08:45:47 UTC 2007

HI folks,
I have a problem with a new aspire 5671 laptop. I installed festy, and
more or less everything goes on, but the network cards. Both them
seems to work, but when I start firefox or synaptic they simply can't
go out. Well not exactly: for example I can load and
related, so I can read my post but I can't write.
I tried nslookup: works
ping to whatever you want: works
telnet 80: works
My net is composed by a router, a netgear wg602 a.p. that give me the
wireless connection. I have another pc that works perfectly though the
same router, so I don't thing could be a router problem. What can I

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