Firefox Panel Icon Loads Swiftfox

NoOp glgxg at
Sun Aug 12 18:31:25 UTC 2007

On 08/11/2007 08:10 PM, Leonard Chatagnier wrote:

> I agree, so I went to gnome and followed your
> instructions and hit 75 items but no symlinks. Checked
> all 75 files and saw nothing even suspicious.
> Remembered about symlinks program and installed it and
> also symlinkprops, a symlink editor for konqueror,
> looking for something to find broken links but
> couldn't figure out how. Couldn't get symlinkprops to
> show in konqueror. thought symlink found broken
> packages but didn't see any. Sorry, but no luck. Tried
> mc; no luck. There was a file manager program that
> list broken symlinks but don't remember the name;
> thought it might be mc.
> Leonard Chatagnier
> lenc5570 at

sudo apt-get install fslint

Just remember to be careful using it as you can break a lot of things if
you delete the wrong files.

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