reformatting a disk for windows98

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Sun Aug 12 17:29:13 UTC 2007

If you have the Win98 CD and need to run those games under Win98 (ie 
they won't run under a later Win version), I think you can boot that CD, 
if you can get the  boot sequence changed so that the CD is first in the 
list. As I recall, the Win 98 CD will do the format for you during the 
install. Back then Windows would take over the entire drive, if it can, 
or at least all of the first partition. Also it will format as fat 16 
and you can later convert it to fat 32 for better utilization of the space.

The suggestion to install wine, sounds to be that you'd have to be 
starting with one of the linux distros. If you don't need linux on that 
box, the Win install should blow it away. You might need a Win boot 
floppy to start and then use the utilities there to reformat the drive.


cj wrote:
> Linda Hanigan wrote:
>> I have an unused computer setting around that has unbuntu installed on
>> the hard drive. I replaced it with a newer and faster computer. My son
>> really wants to play his sisters old win98 games. Since I still have a
>> Win 98 CD for the computer I thought about reinstalling win 98 on it for
>> him. Does anybody know what I have to do to reformat the drive as a
>> vfat?
>>  I assume boot from cd and run
>> mkfs.vat /dev/hda
>>                     Linda
> try using wine.
> to install wine, type:
> sudo apt-get install wine
> i definately do not recommend installing windows 98 at all. Ubuntu is 
> more stable then windows 98 and more secure as well.
> --cj

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