reformatting a disk for windows98

SteVe Cook yorvik.ubunto at
Sun Aug 12 17:50:10 UTC 2007

cj wrote:
> Linda Hanigan wrote:
>> I have an unused computer setting around that has unbuntu installed on
>> the hard drive. I replaced it with a newer and faster computer. My son
>> really wants to play his sisters old win98 games. Since I still have a
>> Win 98 CD for the computer I thought about reinstalling win 98 on it for
>> him. Does anybody know what I have to do to reformat the drive as a
>> vfat?
>>  I assume boot from cd and run
>> mkfs.vat /dev/hda
>>                     Linda
> try using wine.
> to install wine, type:
> sudo apt-get install wine
> i definately do not recommend installing windows 98 at all. Ubuntu is 
> more stable then windows 98 and more secure as well.
A laudable suggestion but, it's surprising how many old games won't run 
with wine, not with out a lot of fiddling.  As long as it's not 
connected to the outside world it's not a problem.


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