Firewire/ilink card

Scott slewin at
Sun Aug 12 16:38:50 UTC 2007


	I just got a DV Camcorder and it seems the best way to get the 
Audio/video from the camcorder is to use the Firewire (the camcorder 
says ilink, its a Sony), but I don't have firewire in my computer.  So, 
can anybody suggest some good firewire cards that work well with Ubuntu? 
  Or, some good makers of firewire cards I should be looking at?

	Also, I have never used firewire before, or a DV camcorder for that 
matter, so any advice on Firewire or DV camcorders would be greatly 
appreciated.  I took a look through the list of software in synaptic and 
found some useful programs.

Your friend,

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