BAAAAAD problem with Feisty kernel

Michael T. Richter ttmrichter at
Sun Aug 12 02:35:51 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-11-08 at 18:46 -0700, NoOp wrote:

> > I updated from a local mirror of the whole ubuntu archive, not from
> > disk.  That cut out the middle-man step.  ;)

> And that last was probably how _you_ added it. The standard update
> method ( cannot add ferm. I
> doubt that even the manual method
> ( would do this
> either. Neither of those use the universe repository
> (

Sorry, but I respectfully disagree.  Here was the procedure I followed
in its entirety:

     1. rsync the entire repo.
     2. Use "copy:///path/to/local/repo blah blah blah" in sources.list.
     3. Run System -> Administration -> Update Manager
     4. Click on "Check" (to bring in the new lists of everything)
     5. Click on the button to upgrade to 7.04

Not once did I even *LOOK* at package names (except when the errors for
wxwidgets 2.6 showed up).  I just waited the minute or so it took to
copy the files from the local repo and waited the 1.5 hours or so it
took to install everything.  Then I went into Synaptic and undid the
damage done to wxwidgets (and upgraded that to 2.8 which didn't cause
any problems).

Ferm appeared *NOWHERE* in the process.  It didn't appear in any of the
upgrade notices.  It was nowhere near wxwidgets in Synaptic (so zero
chance of having accidentally clicked on it to install).  And it was not
installed in Edgy:

        michael at tristan:/mnt/backup/edgy/07-08-11_10:35:10/etc$ sudo
        find . -name "*ferm*"
        michael at tristan:/mnt/backup/edgy/07-08-11_10:35:10/etc$ cd /etc
        michael at tristan:/etc$ sudo find . -name "*ferm*"
        michael at tristan:/etc$ 

So how's this for a notion?:  Instead of telling a user reporting a bug
that it's "impossible", figure out why the "impossible" so very
obviously happened.

Michael T. Richter <ttmrichter at> (GoogleTalk:
ttmrichter at
If there's one thing that computers do well, it's to make the same
mistake uncountable times at inhuman speed. (Peter Coffee)
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