Unexpected apache2 (and other) behaviour on upgrade to Feisty

Glen Barber hexidigital at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 12:51:03 UTC 2007

Quoting Michael T. Richter: 
> I decided to take the plunge today and upgraded to Feisty on my test
> machine.  This was a mostly painless process (the only pain being some
> agony over wxWidgets 2.6) and everything seemed to be working fine.
> Fine, that is, until I tried to access the web server.
> I can access the web server from the machine itself using:
> - elinks http://localhost
> - elinks
> - elinks http://tristan (the machine's name)
> From any other machine on my network the web server is invisible.  I
> can, however, ping with no problems.  I can access it by
> SSH.  I can't, however, access it through VNC.
> Did some kind of firewall get included in Feisty with no documentation
> and no app in the menus to configure it?  If not, what is going on with
> my formerly-functioning system and what can I do to get it back to
> functioning?

Could you include some of your apache error log?  I may be able to help with that, however I don't use VNC, so I'm unsure about that.

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