Feisty: recent updates causing freezes ??

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Fri Aug 10 19:42:44 UTC 2007

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
> Hi list,
> Since a few days, my computer has developped problems, random freezes
> at least once a day, even when I am away, leaving the computer idle
> doing nothing. 
> At the same time I remember there were a few updates to the system in
> the same time frame. I don't recall there were any system/low level
> updates, so I think maybe my hardware is more at fault, but just in
> case it isn't and all I need to recover a stable system, is to roll
> back time by re-installing from the Live CD and refusing to install any
> updates... well I would like to hear if I am alone in this horror
> story, or if it affects other people too ??

    Since moving to Feisty, I'm having some oddness, yeah; I still have 
.oggs playing, but certain applications just LOCK without using 
noticable CPU/Network- possibly LDAP related, though the Dapper boxes 
don't have any problem with it.

    I'm also about to start editing /etc/hosts to work out the 'new' way 
that localhost is defined, other than

    How "locked" are you?  A complete lock, losing the mouse and 
everything, it's usually RAM.  Run memtest at boot overnight to look for it.

    Other 'locks' happen for other reasons, almost always due to 
hardware _setup_ not so much hardware...

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