Feisty: recent updates causing freezes ??

deepak deepak.babel at laposte.net
Fri Aug 10 18:39:33 UTC 2007

My system is sully updated, but I have so far experienced no lockups. 
Did have a problem with iptables earlier, but uninstalling the old 
version completely and then installing the update solved it for me.

You can roll back updates using Synaptic>History, selecting version from 
the package's properties and using the "force version" option from the menu.

cj wrote:
> Vincent Trouilliez wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> Since a few days, my computer has developped problems, random freezes
>> at least once a day, even when I am away, leaving the computer idle
>> doing nothing. 
>> At the same time I remember there were a few updates to the system in
>> the same time frame. I don't recall there were any system/low level
>> updates, so I think maybe my hardware is more at fault, but just in
>> case it isn't and all I need to recover a stable system, is to roll
>> back time by re-installing from the Live CD and refusing to install any
>> updates... well I would like to hear if I am alone in this horror
>> story, or if it affects other people too ??
>> Regards,
>> --
>> Vince, completely skint, very bad timing if H/W is really at fault and
>> needs replacing...
> well my system locks up too, but it only occures when i put it in sleep 
> mode. and its been doing this ever since i installed the latest updates. 
> i am unsure of how to roll back the updates on regular ubuntu
> --cj
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