Logitech Quickcam

Thomas Kaiser ubuntu at kaiser-linux.li
Thu Aug 9 06:22:09 UTC 2007

Patton Echols wrote:
> On 08/08/2007 10:37 AM, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
>> Patton Echols wrote:
>>> On 08/08/2007 04:36 AM, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
>>>> Patton Echols wrote:
>>>>> I am attempting to install a Logitech "QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks" 
>>> This looks like I need a UVC Driver, yes?
>> This looks like the UVC Driver did recognize the cam. No need to install any 
>> driver anymore ;-)
>>> The cam is also listed on the uvc page you sited, so that seems a 
>>> definitive answer.  Thanks for your help
>> Your cam is supported by UVC driver. Use luvcview 
>> http://mxhaard.free.fr/spca50x/Investigation/uvc/luvcview-20070512.tar.gz
>> to test the cam.
>> Most viewer application not (yet) able to use V4L2 devices :-( What is the 
>> desired use of this cam?
> Main purpose is to be able to vid confer with my kid who is going to 
> college 3,000 miles away from home.  I was thinking ekiga.  Naturally, 
> once I have it, I'll do other stuff too.
> Even if the applications don't work, shouldn't the correct driver itself 
> turn on the camera?  Or does the driver not turn on the cam until it 
> gets a call from the application?
> Thanks for your help.
> Patton

Hey Patton

You need the SDL development package installed.
"sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev" should do the trick.

After that run "make" again. And if you don't get an error, run "sudo make install".

Run "luvcview -h" to see the options you can specify.

ekgia seems to be compatible with V4L2, but I can not test because I don't have 
a cam which has a V4L2 driver yet :-(

Did you try to use ekgia to get a picture from the cam?

And what do you mean with "shouldn't the correct driver itself turn on the 
camera?", the camera gets its power from the USB socket and is turned on as soon 
as you plug it in. Video streaming starts only if an application asks for a stream.



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