Thunderbird - Odd printing problems

Scott (angrykeyboarder) geekboy at
Tue Aug 7 18:22:14 UTC 2007

NoOp spake thusly:
> On 08/07/2007 02:54 AM, Jonathan Kaye wrote:

>>> Ubuntu 7.04 2.6.20-16-386
>> Hi NoOp,
> Printing is normal. I did have to
>> change the page size on the Print properties of TB. It had reverted back to
>> 8.5"x11" and I had to reset it to A4. It did print before I did this but
>> maybe your printer is fussier than mine? Do you see your Cups printer in
>> the File -> Print... menu? Are the properties as they should be?
>> Cheers,
>> Jonathan


> My systems are set up for UTF-8 in locales, and recently I
> changed my TB/SM settings to ISO-8859-1 so that my postings would be a
> little easier for others to read (my UTF-8 fonts were too small). So I
> think that has something to do with it as I've backed down to SM 1.1.2 &
> 1.1.3 with no change.

How could UTF-8 fonts be "too small"?

Were you mot using UTF-8 encoded plain text in your postings?

And isn't UTF-8 the standard these days (at least in Linux distros anyway)?

Bewilderedly yours,

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