Thunderbird - Odd printing problems

NoOp glgxg at
Tue Aug 7 18:53:03 UTC 2007

On 08/07/2007 11:22 AM, Scott (angrykeyboarder) wrote:
> NoOp spake thusly:

> [.....]
>> My systems are set up for UTF-8 in locales, and recently I
>> changed my TB/SM settings to ISO-8859-1 so that my postings would be a
>> little easier for others to read (my UTF-8 fonts were too small). So I
>> think that has something to do with it as I've backed down to SM 1.1.2 &
>> 1.1.3 with no change.
> How could UTF-8 fonts be "too small"?
> Were you mot using UTF-8 encoded plain text in your postings?
> And isn't UTF-8 the standard these days (at least in Linux distros anyway)?
> Bewilderedly yours,

The problem is that when using UTF-8 settings in SeaMonkey, once you set
the fonts to display properly in the email component, the browser fonts
become too large and you end up with font overlap when viewing web
pages. So, I end up reducing the fonts and then when I post or view
email messages the font is too small & difficult to view. The only way
that I've found to fix that is to use ISO-8859-1 in SeaMonkey &
Thunderbird. Yeah, I know it's odd, but using ISO-8859-1 in SM/TB gives
me readable email and webpages. However, I'd not noticed the printing
problem until recently - I seldom print my emails. Here is what I've
noticed since using ISO-8859-1 in SM/TB:

- emails received in UTF-8 print fine
- emails received in ISO-8859-1 print fine
- emails received in ISO-8859-1 that I have replied to in ISO-8859-1
hang in CUPS.
- emails received in Big5 Chinese print fine
- emails received in Big5 Chinese that I've replied to in ISO-8859-1
hang in CUPS.

Note: system locale is UTF-8 & all other apps print just fine.

Odd eh? I plan to reset one of the test systems back to UTF-8 in SM/TB
and see if I can recreate.

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