weather panel app can't get weather

Wade Smart wade at
Mon Aug 6 11:11:09 UTC 2007

08062007 0607 GMT-6 DST

I had this problem before I upgraded to Fiesty. I had the weather applet 
setup and working for months and then one day, it just didnt update. For 
literally months it said that. I installed different applet and that 
worked for a while but then it stopped. I finally found one in g-applets 
that worked. It was different but worked. After I upgraded to Fiesty I 
automatically started using the weather applet again and its been fine.

Some things that I tried, find the text file that holds you location 
data and delete it. Obviously, through synaptic, remove it completely 
and then reinstall it. None of those worked for me but it doesnt hurt to 


Donald D Henson wrote:
> Restarting X was just a random thought, probably from my MS Windows
> days. Anyway, it sounds like you've identified the problem, no data for
> your location or perhaps the data is there and the weather applet can't
> access it. Where are you located? I presume that your location is not
> listed in the Location tab. Are you located near enough to a location
> that is listed for it to be adequate? I would suggest going to the
> official web site but I don't know where it is or if it even exists.
> Good luck.
> Donald D. Henson, Managing Director
> West El Paso Information Network
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> Jimmy Wu wrote:
>> What would restarting X do?  I have shutdown/restarted my computer
>> multiple times through the course of normal usage, and it has had no
>> effect on the weather app. 
>> Now, I think the problem has been narrowed down to a lack of data for
>> my specific location, since other locations DO show current conditions
>> the way its supposed to. 
>> I guess what I need now is either (1) a way to get the weather applet
>> to get data from somewhere else, or (2) an alternative weather applet
>> that supports more locations. 
>> I would appreciate any suggestions.
>> Thanks,
>> Jimmy
>> On 8/5/07, *Donald D Henson* <wepin at
>> <mailto:wepin at>> wrote:
>>     Jimmy Wu wrote:
>>     > Hi all,
>>     >
>>     > Do any of you use the weather report panel app in Gnome?
>>     > I added it to my panel, set the preferences to my location, but
>>     it for
>>     > some reason, it can't get any weather info.  It doesn't display an
>>     > error, but rather remains in a perpetual "updating..." state.  I
>>     have
>>     > a working internet connection (I'm sending this email off my Ubuntu
>>     > box right now).
>>     > Would appreciate any suggestions.
>>     > Thanks in advance.
>>     >
>>     > Jimmy
>>     >
>>     > Update: I just checked the app, and it contains forecast information
>>     > and the radar map, but still no current conditions.
>>     I use it. No problems. It's a pretty simple app. Have you tried
>>     restarting the x-server?
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