firefox seg-faulting

Art Edwards edwardsa at
Mon Aug 6 00:43:36 UTC 2007

Don W. Jenkins wrote:
> Has anyone else had problems with Firefox, Galeon, or other Gecko based browsers just shutting down in Edgy. I'm having repeated shutdowns with those browsers at the same site, same operation (My Yahoo Mail, opening HTML grahpics intensive messages) just in the last day or so. Never had the problem before. I have no problem with Konqueror or Opera, which I am now re-trying as a result. I can't imagine what might have changed.  Firefox has generally been a problem with gradually building up memory use to the point I have to shut it down and restart it to free up my system. But I think all the browsers do that.  But Firefox, always a bit touchy has gotten unusable. I did an upgrade, which upgraded Firefox, and that did not help, either.
> Thanks,
> Don J.
I have only recently (last 5 days or so) had problems on my amd64
laptop. It appears that flashplayer 9 is now inducing seg faults every
time it is invoked. I only have .5 GB RAM. Is this the problem, or is
there a problem with flash/firefox?

Art Edwards

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