Backup & Restore of an entire Ubuntu system

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Why go to all that trouble?
just delete the partition that has windows (with gparted or any other) from 
you current Ubuntu install, and then either expand one of your partitions to 
that free space, or create a new one to save your files there, when you run 
out of space on your current partitions.
I see no need to do a backup of everything. None the less, a backup of you 
home, should be done before resizing your current partitions.

On Saturday 04 August 2007 06:51:00 Matthias Scheer wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have some weired issue on my dual-boot laptop installation (with XP
> and Feisty) which I won't get into here; but since I don't need the XP
> installation anymore, I decided to wipe the HD and repartition it using
> a Live CD of Ubuntu.
> Is the following procedure feasible in my case?
> 1) Backup the Ubuntu system to an usb drive using 'rsync -avz /
> /media/disk'
> 2) Boot the Live CD; delete the old partitions; create new ones
> 3) Now here I'm unsure: Does replacing the partitions remove the MBR of
> the HD? If yes, how do I create a new one?
> 4) Restoring the system from USB drive
> 5) Updating GRUB
> Thanx in advance for your help,
> Matthias Scheer

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