Backup across multiple DVD's

Dave M DaveM at Mich.Com
Thu Aug 2 23:43:14 UTC 2007

At 11:28 PM 8/2/2007 , Felipe Figueiredo wrote:
>I´m a big kdar fan, so I´m sorry I´ll throw sand in the engine but:
>you may have trouble using it for DVD-sized slices. Kdar has a bug
>that crashes it (I experimented it with 3GB+ files). This is not a dar
>problem, so you can still use it.

Dar and KDar work well if the slice sizes are kept reasonable. When doing 
DVD backups I do 400Mb slices with 40Mb par2 files. They fit evenly on a 
DVD and work around the "no new sessions past 4Gb"  problem with growisofs. 
So I can still fill up a DVD if I have enough slices.

My one big complaint about Dar is the fact that slices are not stand-alone. 
You must have the whole set of slices or an extracted catalog from the 
whole set of slices in order to recover anything. I think that is a major 
vulnerability since backup media can have problems. And tape, CD and DVD 
media are especially vulnerable to data errors. Par2 helps but I am not 
sure how much it helps.

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