Backup across multiple DVD's

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Aug 2 15:24:03 UTC 2007

On 08/02/2007 03:54 AM, Dave M wrote:
> At 04:06 AM 8/2/2007 , Rashkae wrote:
>>I also found the
>>DAR util: so I plan on exploring that a bit
>>more as well.
> If you would like to use Dar, the attached script will help with burning 
> the DVD's. Dar will run the script each time a slice is ready to burn. This 
> script will also verify that the slice was burned properly. It can also 
> make a Dar catalog, parity file or redundant copy of the dar slice. If your 
> data is valuable then it is a good idea to have redundancy. DVD media is 
> fragile and read errors are common.
> If you prefer using a GUI, look at KDAR. It is a GUI front end for DAR. It 
> can do the backups (burned to DVD using the script) or it can create and 
> export a DAR command with the parameters you chose using the GUI.

Cool! Thanks Dave. I was looking at Kdar, but it appears that it's not
been updated since 2005 & is no longer in the repos. So I was a little
hesitant to try to use that as a front end for DAR.

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